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Debt & Credit Counseling

“Our goal is to help our clients prosper financially through an innovative approach that pairs money management with expert credit consultation to help them achieve financial stability”

Budgeting & Debt Management

We utilize powerful tools paired with expert advice to understand the behavior of our client’s money and strengthen their money management as well as help them reduce their debt balance with smart payment advice.

Personal Credit / Banking Consultation

At Marc G Financial Group, we encourage our clients to know and understand what goes into a credit score and how to influence it effectively to increase their score. With this solution we partner with FICO which is the industry standard for credit scoring, this is the scoring model that 90% of the top lenders use for mortgage, auto and credit card lending.

Credit Builder Cards

We offer our clients the option of opening a Secured Credit Card which is designed to build the credit score.       

Boost My Score

We offer our clients the ability to drastically improve their credit score by adding tradelines to their personal credit reports through authorized user provisions.

Report My Rental Payments

We work with a reputable service provider to provide our clients with the ability to have their rental payments and payment history reported on their credit report.


Marc G Financial Group provides business owners as well as individuals with lending from $10,000 – $1.5 Million in unsecured – term loans & lines of credit. We work with a huge network of over 200 lenders to make sure that our clients get the best loan for their situation